Equipment List

Sound Lighting
8) 18” Electrovoice Sub 16) Triled 36W Par 64 (4 Bars)
8) 12” Electrovoice Mid 4) Par 64 500W
4) 2” Electrovoice Horn/Driver 10) LED Color Tubes
4) 12” JBL Monitor 6) Ultimate support stands
2) Carver PT2400 Amp 4 Channel DMX Dimmer
4) Carver PM1.5 Amp Elation Show Designer 2
2) Carver PM100 Amp RB2000 220V Distro
Multiple Spare Amps

4) Elation Power Spot 250's


Mackie TT24 Digital Mixer Stage Gear
Mackie DS3232 Digital Snake
Assorted Mics/Stands Crate 4X12 Cabinet
Assorted Rack Gear Crate 4X10 Cabinet
Crate 2X15 Cabinet
*All equipment is properly and Crate VC50 Amp
professionally racked in quality cases GK RB800 Amp
with patch bays. Peavey Classic 50/50 Amp
Peavey Rockmaster Preamp
*Mic stands include custom ZZ Peavey Delay
lighted exhaust stack stands. Roland ME30 Effects Pedal
Basses- Ibanez, Rickenbacker, Fender Jazz, Dean "Fuzzzy"
*Drum set is custom built replica of Guitars- Gibson Les Paul, Custom Billy Bo, Fender Tele, Dean "Fuzzzy"
Frank Beard Skull kit and fits on a 8 Piece Pearl Masters Drum Kit
7’X7’ Riser. Paiste Cymbals
Pearl Drum Rack
Beards and Sunglasses Custom Drum Riser
Akai Sampler & Control Devices
Absolutely! Roland TD-7 Drum Module


ZZ3 has enough equipment to cover most venues. However, we have affiliations with several sound and lighting companies and can provide

more equipment if needed for larger events.